Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coin Prices Are Going Through The Roof

Anyone just getting into coin collecting should understand that coin prices right now are going through the roof. There are several reason for this the biggest being the economy. When the US Economy and the world's for that matter start to struggle and looks like it might be heading towards an inflationary period investors start turning towards precious metals like gold and silver as protection. One of the under lying factors to coin prices especially new coins and bullion rounds is the price of gold and silver both of which have been on a rampage as of late.

The demand for gold coins has been so strong that the US mint has ran out of blanks to make this years Gold American Eagles and Silver American Eagles. They issued a statement that they will resume producing 22k gold American eagles once they have secured enough coin blanks to start up production again. However, they will not be producing the fraction coins like the 2009 1/10 oz gold American Eagle. If you were fortunate enough to buy some of these gold and silver bullion coins you sure to make a nice little profit as production numbers should be lower and thus demand for these coins will increase drastically.

This recent rise in silver prices has made even coins in poor condition a commodity just for their silver content. If you've been sitting on some silver and gold coins for a few years you might take this opportunity to cash in and take some profits.